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PO Box 3011
Acton, MA 01720


We make attaching and adjusting any style fender to any type of boat faster and easier than anyone!  

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Innovative custom solutions for attaching any style fender to any dock, pier or vessel!

Traditionally a length of rope tied to a cleat has been the standard for hanging fenders off the side of just about any boat. Forcing you to constantly have to tie and re-tie knots trying to get them set just right and hoping they stay put.  It’s a tedious, cumbersome and very much imperfect science, not to mention a less-than-pretty result. What if you had a first-of-its-kind solution, created by a life-long boater that worked with any size or style boat fender, on any type or size boat, could be securely attached and perfectly adjusted for any situation in seconds... and looked cool as hell in the process!?  Too good to be true!?  It used to be, until now.  Enter our Fender Extender, it's the go-to product line for boats of all styles and sizes providing quick and secure placement of your fenders, keeping your boat ding and scratch-free. Whether you're tied up at the dock, rafting off another boat or pulling the tender up to the mother-ship, this is THE set-up for all your fender attachment needs. You can attach these to any location on your boat, a cleat - with or with out a dock or spring line attached - a rail, a grab handle... anywhere you need a fender. With three sizes available, we have a product that will be just right for your boat, and make setting-out your fenders frustration free. The 1” is great for smaller fenders and boats in that 20’-ish and under range.  The 1.5” size is our most popular model and used on all sorts of boats from 21’ to over 40’, and fenders from a smaller 15” to a 36”+.  And our big-gun, the 2” Extreme Extender is THE Extender to use for rougher conditions, with fenders from 24” to 50”+ and on boats from 30’ to 60’+ and beyond.  With a carefully engineered design that is built to stand up to the harsh marine environment, where only soft materials come in contact with the boats surface, it’s smart.  With no metal parts to rust or scratch the delicate finish, no holes to drill for mounting and no additional parts or hardware to buy or lose, it doesn’t get any cleaner, easier or more effective!  Add over 25 standard colors and the ability to customize any product on-demand – thanks to all our manufacturing being done right here in New England – we are your go-to source for the highest-quality, most-versatile fender devices on the market!  So, dig a little deeper through our site, ask us a question if you have one, find the set-up that fits your needs and… STRAP ONE ON!!

~ Use the Fender EXTENDER Series to attach your fenders to any secure point on your boat.

~ Use the Fender SUSPENDERS Series as a stand-alone solution, or with our Fender Extenders to attach your fenders to any dock post or piling.